Access / Excel

Sample data //table 1

id        companyName                              
1        Company Name                          
2        Nicely Formated Company Names

Sample data //table 2

id        companyName                        
        Company Name                                
        Company Name/235
        Nicely Formated Company Names/1242
       Ncly Formated Company Nms

Need to be able to run through for each record on table 2 and do a regex search or equivelant to see if it can find a mtach on contact table. table 2s company name will havae mutliple entires for each and be formated differently, and cannot be normalized to match with table 1.

I have an idea of how I might do a foreach loop through php to insert and update a new foreign key to table 2, however I need to use access / excel / vba

I’ve got about 100-150 entries on table 1 while table 2 might have 2k and is quite hectic.

please describe the logic that you want used for the matching procedure

exact match? contains? matches up to a certain character?

I’ve actually decided to go ahead with updating manually. However an answer to this question with any logic would be great for future reference.