Access 97 Maximum Database Size?


I have an Access 97 SR-2 database on my PC and I just received a message stating I have reached the maximum database size (Error 3036). The database is at about 1Gb. I wasn’t aware there was a database size limit! :mad:


  1. My database needs to grow a lot larger – does anyone know of a harmless way around this in Access 97?

  2. I’ve been contemplating upgrading to Access 2000 – does anyone know if there is a limit on database size and, if so, what that limit is?

  3. Are there other PC-based database programs out there I should consider using? My database is not integrated to my website, but the information in the database is used to create reports and flat files for my website.

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:


There is a size limit. Though I always thought it was a bit more than 1 gig - like 1 gig per table or something (you don’t have one table, do you? :))

If it’s hitting a gig, there isn’t really a “harmless” way around it in Access. This is pretty big, and I’d be getting worried about corruption, data errors etc. Access really isn’t designed to go so high.

Can you archive off any of your data?

As for other programs, Access is probably the best personal database there is. If you have access to SQL server you could use Access as a client on the front end of it.

Because I’m at SitePoint, I’ll also suggest you consider MySQL on Windows. Depends what you need to do though - MySQL doesn’t support a lot of stuff that you can do in Access. But it’s more stable for large amounts of data.


Thanks for taking the time to help out.

No, I don’t have just one table, LOL, but it has caused me to think about a better database design, data redundancy/importance, etc.

I also appreciate your tips on SQL and MySQL for Windows. I’ll look into those as a Plan B.

Thanks again,