Accepting payments for e-commerce store that sells age-restricted products

A client wants to sell the electronic cigarettes online and I’m having trouble finding a processor that will allow age-restricted products.

It is acceptable if they have to be transferred off-site for processing, then sent back to site. They should not have to create an account to pay if they don’t want to (e.g. PayPal can accept credit cards even if customer doesn’t have a PayPal account).

I have tried many, including Bluepay and Durango Direct (two high-risk merchants I was referred to) with no luck.

Any advice or direction would be appreciated! Thanks!

Its really hard to do this especially people can fake their age. Why don’t you have a verification method in your site? before they can purchase they should submit an ID first?

Thanks for the reply. They intend to use age verification as well, but they still need a merchant that will not cancel them for selling age-restricted products. It seems as if 99.9% list “age-restricted products” as a business type they will not underwrite. I finally found one that I think may work (they are more of a broker though, so it will be more expensive). I’m waiting on word back. I won’t link them here as I’ve not done business with them, but I’ll say that I found the term “Specialty Merchant Account” for items such as this, guns, etc. A google search for that term will turn up options; I was originally searching for “high-risk merchant account” but that seems to be more related to the credit score of the company/owners, than the actual product.