Absolute positioning of an image used as a background

Hi guys,

I’m build in a logo to the background on a page and would like to have it 10px up from the bottom. Is there anyway to do this?
The current CSS line is as follows…

background:url(http://www2.hull.ac.uk/administration/images/getActive.png) no-repeat scroll 10px bottom transparent;

(it’s indented 10px from the left and at the bottom).

Many thanks


That’s great, thanks!

The easiest way to do it until css3 is commonplace is to add 10px of transparent pixels to the bottom of the image and then place the image at “0 100%”.

background:url(img.gif) no-repeat 0 100%;

You CANNOT mix named and numeric positioning. Also, even in the browsers that does (incorrectly) work, you are saying 10px from the left edge, not from the bottom.

On the whole you’re declaring a bunch of unnecessary stuff there… but I’d have to see the page in question to even try to tell you how to position that how you want it. As a rule of thumb though, you cannot position numerically ‘off the bottom’.