Absolute positioned div disappears in IE6

Hi all

I’m having another problem with my current site, the problem only appears in IE6 so I don’t know how bothered I should be about it - I still would like to fix it.


This demo has a red box (Div) in the bottom left. The div is in the footer which is a sticky footer, the div is then positioned absolutely above the footer. This works fine in all browsers and when the browser is resized the red box moves up and down above the footer as expected.

The problem is IE6 where the red box has disappeared.

Is it possible get this working in IE6 ?

How important is IE6 ?

I don’t know if it was a hasLayOut issue but I fixed the problem with clear:both on the div


try putting it at the very end of the footer html, giving it a left value, and a z-index value.

dont know if this is the absolute culprit, but the width on the #footer #footer_Nav makes the orange box disappear. If you place the box inside the footer nav div it reappears or if you give the footer nav ul the width instead it reappears.

#footer #footer_Nav ul{

Thanks for the suggestion Eric. I tried it but still not working