Absolute 1st or last order

[b]data in myTable1[/b]

[COLOR="Blue"](ID) name[/COLOR]
(1) Tom 
(2) Jane 
[COLOR="red"](3) Jack[/COLOR] 
(4) Mary 
(5) Ted 

I have data in myTable1 like the above.
Because (3) Jack is a kind of sticky, I like to make jack comes first or last.

The following would-be code is one of my trials.
But it seems to be not work as I want.

[b]would be code[/b]

select id, name, CASE WHEN id = '3' THEN 1 ELSE 2 END AS ORDER_KEY 
from myTable1 
order by ORDER_KEY, id 
[b]target result[/b]

[COLOR="Red"](3) Jack[/COLOR]
(1) Tom 
(2) Jane  
(4) Mary 
(5) Ted

Why? What happens? An error? Not the expected output (if so, what output do you get) ?

And did you think about adding a ‘sticky’ column to your table?

Sorry, I made a mistake. Maybe it was Capital letters and Small letter problems.
Now I got my target result.

Thank you very much, guido2004.