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I want to design a personal website, what do I need and what tools to use?


Hello @helennisabelle ,

You can use Photoshop to create mockup of your web page, it will be much easier for you when you start coding.
Then you will need HTML to create structure of your web site and after that you will need CSS to style your web site.
If you need to create dynamic features of you web site, that can be done with JavaScript.

If you need more informations or explanations please feel free to write back to this topic.

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Welcome to the forums, @helennisabelle.

The basics for building a website are HTML and CSS. If you don’t already know those, then that’s the place to start.

As far as tools go, all you actually need is a text editor, although using a code editor makes life much easier. There are many available, including quite a number of free ones, so it’s just a case of searching for one you like. You’ll probably also require image editing software for creating images or optimising photos

As @marklenon95 said, some designers like to create a mock-up in Photoshop or similar software first, but others use “wireframe” software, or a pencil and paper, or simply design in the browser. You need to find which method works best for you.


If you are new to coding then you can go with WordPress or other CMS as it is very good to developed information website with having large no of themes and plugins


WordPress makes it possible for a beginner to create a site using pre-made themes. However, if you want to have full control over your design, you will still need to have a good understanding of HTML and CSS.

Unless you are happy to just use a ready-made theme, I would caution against using WordPress without first having a good understanding of the code. Another drawback with WordPress is that because it’s so widely used, it’s also widely targeted by hackers, so it’s vitally important to keep both WP and and plug-ins up-to-date for security reasons.


To point you to a good resource for learning web techniques, suited to both fresh beginners and seasoned developers.

Complete beginners: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Getting_started_with_the_web

I agree with @TechnoBear that it is important to get an understanding of the technique. And certainly if you choose to use a CMS and then want to adjust the theme or just avoid mistakes.

I recommend the Mozilla guides and tutorials; make a very simple website with a few pages to get a grip of how site navigation works and how a website is organized in files and directories and what tools you really need.

In any case, you need a decent text-editor: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Common_questions/Available_text_editors

Hope seeing you here again, and then when you need things straightened out. :slight_smile:


Great explanation, you have describe all the things which are essential for beginner. However, i would like suggest the tools which can help to easy their task. This blog has contained list of tools https://websitesetup.org/web-design-software/


Website designing it’s kind of creating a masterpiece.
It completely depends what is the kind of website you are looking for.
First things first get the right Domain name.
Given below are some things that should be kept in mind before beggning.

  1. Website Designing:
    According to me designing comes first, if it does not look good it does not sell. It should be responsive.
  2. Content is the king:
    Take some time to write the content, users should feel related and should be simple to understand and most important the content should be new.
  3. Add images, graphs and videos:
    A high quality image, videos or graphs will make the website more presentable. Remember: a picture can tell thousand stories.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation:
    You need to know the basics of SEO.
  5. Online Marketing:
    An awesome website created that does not get traffic is no use. Social media, blogs can help bringing in traffic.

These are the basics that you have to know before beginning with the website.

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I hate it when my users aren’t fresh…but how do you get them to take showers before coming to your site?? :shifty:


I hope if the visitors have an internet connection at home, they should have a shower too…


I have one domain then i want to to design my website…please can you explain how to design my website.

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Sounds like you have things round the wrong way @umakumari859. It would be better to learn how to create a website before purchasing a domain.

How to create a website is too big a subject for a simple forum question. I suggest you buy a book or two on HTML or CSS or look for online tutorials.


site making is a very difficult and complex process, You will learning it for years. If you need a site, the better way is to hire developers

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That’s partly true. There is always something new to learn, and new developments being introduced. However, it’s perfectly possible to build an attractive, basic site with just HTML and CSS, neither of which is difficult to learn.

You can always update and upgrade it later, as your knowledge increases. We have plenty of folk here who simply build sites as a hobby.

If you need something complex, that may well be true, but @helennisabelle was asking about a personal site, which could be done quite simply.

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Ok. There are lots of site constructors like Tilda.cc and its analogs

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That’s also true, but as this is a web developer forum, we tend to assume that folk asking questions like this do want to learn how to build their own site properly, from scratch. Otherwise, they could simply look for one of the many sites which advertise “build your own” facilities. (Many of these sites produce very bloated code; some fail altogether if JavaScript is not available. If you want full control of how your site looks and works, then there’s no substitute for learning to do it yourself.)


Hi @helennisabelle
Find below steps to plan a good site.

  1. Have blue print of your site & what you want to say with your site
  2. Draw a layout for main pages & subpages
  3. Get photoshop OR sketch designs for your layout
  4. Find the best front-end frameworks such as HTML, Bootstrap, foundation etc., to get attractive webpages
  5. Convert PSD files into Code.
    If you are not a developer OR designer. You need to know basic HTML, CSS, and Design tools(like Photoshop).
    OR For non-programmer I would suggest to take wordpress websites.

First you need to learn and understand basic questions of web development such as:

  • what is html
  • what is web design principles
  • what is CSS and JAVA

Also you need to know how to work with Photoshop or Sketch tool (new amazing program for web designers)

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