About VPS & CLOUD hosting

I am talking about vps and cloud hosting. pls. reply me if you are expert on it. which one is the easy to operate? I am going to survey both of them and tiring to find out weak point.

[SIZE=2]Hi street jobs,

I’d recommend you read this http://sitepoint-forums.s3.amazonaws.com/FiveStepstoFindaGreatHost.pdf[/SIZE]. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#494949]Experts here wrote for SitePoint. It allows you to understand the pros and cons of VPS and Cloud Hosting plus info on Dedicated and shared hosting.


@ServerStorm , nice info

@street jobs ! Vps hosting is far easy and secured then cloud hosting ,So go for vps

ServerStorm wishing you good day and thanks for informative link.

Nice article on Cloud and VPS. Definitely worth the read. Thanks for pointing it out Steve.

Thanks for the feedback!