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How can i up load site map in to bloger blog?:lol:<snip>

[FONT=verdana]Your Blogger blog already has a sitemap. To find it, follow these steps:

  1. Open your blog’s Robots.Txt. To do so, add “/robots.txt” (without the quotes) to the end of the blog’s basic URL, and browse to that address. (For example, if the blog is named MyBlog, you would browse to MyBlog.blogger.com/robots.txt).

  2. Within robots.txt, look for a line beginning with “Sitemap:” (without the quotes).

  3. This line will show you the URL of your sitemap.

  4. Go to Google Webmaster Tools, then choose Optimization / Site Maps, and click Add/Test Sitemap. Paste the sitemap’s URL into the box.

  5. Repeat step 4 for other search engines.

Note that the built-in sitemap only shows the last so-many posts (26, I think). However, that’s not usually a problem. In most cases, the search engine bots will still find the other posts, as you will usually have links to them from the main page, for example, under “Categories” and/or “Blog Archive”.


what will be the impact of search engine over serps as i personally feel it allows to add (definition,description) to the search engines is it soo please explain this too

the sitemap for all blogger blogs is located at yourblog.blogspot.com/atom.xml

just add ‘atom.xml’ to your blog address, that’s the default map for all blogger websites.

or you can just follow these steps:

  1. Open sitemap generator for blogger here

  2. Input your site URL and generate

  3. Then copy the entire generated text

  4. Login to blogger dashboard, find “Site Preferences”. Then enable “Custom Robot.txt” option and paste the code that you copied from the sitemap generator

Hope it help a little

Wow. I haven’t thought that a free blog site such as blogger can have its own site map. I’ve never tried this. Thanks for the step by step procedure.


Why would you upload a sitemap under “Custom Robot.txt”? A sitemap is a very different thing from a robots.txt file.[/FONT]

Robot.txt tell search engine which folder it allows to be access, sitemap is use to tell search engine the structure of you web…it is not specific to which folder search engine can access…if you allow location of sitemap url in Robots.txt, which means you allows search engine to access all of you web structure…

I understand it that way…just my 2 sense…correct me if I’m wrong :smiley:

[FONT=Verdana]You can specify the location of your sitemap in your robots.txt file, to assist search engines in finding it. To do so, you simply add

Sitemap: http://www.yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml

or whatever the correct filepath is. You don’t paste the entire sitemap into your robots.txt file. And as Mikl has already explained that Blogger has a sitemap by default, why would you need to add another?[/FONT]

The system will generate the sitemap for you automatically. Just add “/feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED” after your domain name and you’ll get it.

From what I’ve seen with my blog google indexes it very very quickly, and sometimes even in minutes. Especially extension blogspot.com

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