About Show layers in photoshop


I have one group and inside group of group there is 20 layers all 20 layers are hiden.
is there any way to show all 20 layers once.

Thank you,

If you click to the left of every layer in the Layers palette you can show or hide each layer. When visible, the layer has an eye icon. Does that help?

Or you can click and hold the mouse button and mouse over over the icons so you dont have to click each one.
You also have Right Click > Show all (this will show ALL layers on the document, not just in the group).

Thank you, but what i looking is show all hiden layers within group only.

Isn’t what we said above the answer to your question?

you choose at the beginning of each layer

If you set each layer to be visible within a group, you can set each group to be visible or not.

Say you have a group and inside that group there are 2 groups. One with 20 layers and one with 15. You can set it so that by clicking the visibility box next to the group name, you can make all 20 layers in group 1 visible or not. While all 15 layers in group 2 are still visible.

Just set the layers to visible and the change the group.