About RSS syndication


I dont know still about RSS syndication, plz tel me wht is that?


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Will this secret method work on “how to find Dofollow Blog”?

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In all seriousness, we’re all here to ask questions but when someone starts repeated threads on the most basic of topics without doing any prior research that’s just annoying. If you’re new, don’t be afraid to ask questions but please don’t expect others to do all your homework for you.

Can any one tell me where have to put site map and robots.txt?

i don’t know what is the sitemap? plz tell me all about its

What is the pre-website analysis, and suggest me what necessary step should be follow for it, and what things notedown to making a report of pre-website analysis.

plz tell me 301 redirect what is this?

Tell me about what is the Canonical Issues and what is its Types. And plz give me some examples for better understanding.

may anybody give me a list of dofollow blog list which related to law theme & plz tell me how will i search dofollow blog list of a perticular theme

tell me about Robots.txt file?

please give me advice about HTML validation and how can do HTML validation.

Anybody can send me a sample report of site analysis. and plz tell me what checkpoint should be follow for completing a site analysis.

Can anybody tell me about google local listing. and what can i do for complete these process

can anybody help me, How to choose the best keyword?

what things are require for submit press release, and what step follow for press release submission?

What is the web analysis? and what step follows to completing the web analyisys process. and how we can do it for a website.

can anybody describe about organic seo?

Check this link for information about rss

OK no problem, Check this [B]http://www.mnot.net/rss/tutorial/[/B] tutorial. It helps you lot to know about ‘RSS’.

tke, you should get an award for this thread, some of the best reading I’ve had all year :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Everyone has already posted the main two links (one to the spec and one to Mnot’s very well written guide).

That was a good article :slight_smile:


really thanks all of you for your guidelines. I did observe some Rss of some websites, they have keywords, keywords with description, time and date, and some url. Is that for?


Danielnash, that website is the RSS specification (the language rules). If you don’t know how to code perhaps you should use an application:



I got some useful information which is all about RSS syndication, Please visit here “http://www.webreference.com/authoring/languages/xml/rss/intro/”. I think it may be useful for you also.


Danielnash, I already know how to produce RSS feeds, I do it on a regular basis (I write them against the RSS and Atom specifications). :wink: