About posting in article directory

Hello, everyone. My name is Christina. I am a Russian lady, and a beginner of SEO .
3 basic questions.
1)I would like to post an article in 100 article directories with my website link.
My question is : can I post a same article in 100 different kind of article directories?
Or is it better to compose 10 different kind of article with same back link for 10 different kind of articles directories?
2) I have 1 month old, 1 year old, and 3 years old website without any backlinks.
I heard that if one site is built so many back links in a short period, Google will ban this site.
In one day, or in 1 week, how many backlink can I build up without getting a penalty from Google?

  1. Concerning keyword density in source code, I learned the best keywords density is 7-10 %.
    But in an article , how about the best anchor text density?
    When I checked many anchor words (keyword in an article), usually 1.5-2.0%.

Why so small percentage?
Sorry my bad English. I hope you can understr5ahnd my English.
spasibo :slight_smile:

These very topics have been, and are being, discussed in numerous other threads.

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