About Music..Scott Spinella

Hello Friends!! My self Scott Spinella…I have started this topic for Music Loversss … Music is heart of my life…what is value of music in your life? Which music you like most? :slight_smile:

Two wrongs don’t make a right! We need a solution that’ll improve the situation, not simply change the problem from one thing to another :wink:

And then we would end up with a forum polluted with cross links and fluff which redirects all over the place. Not a solution IMO :frowning:

im agree with you:rolleyes:

We’re making changes to the stickies and one of them will be the highlighting :slight_smile:

as opposed to the current situation where the additional and repetitive threads flourish and sprout anew willy-nilly with no control

not a solution either

that’s easy

as soon as a question is asked again, a moderator closes the thread with a link to the other one

There are so many threads about he subject that I would suggest that you do a search…

Just on the first page: your favourite song ever

Nuria: Perhaps we should make one of them sticky, combine all the rest into it (through a merge) and then the duplicates won’t appear - there are a couple of topics which keep reappearing - this certainly keeps happening in the audio forum (there’s tonnes of “what’s your favourite song / movie / whatever” threads in there) :slight_smile:

It is an idea. I don’t know if all of them could be merged but I’ll look into it. I also think about how to deter people to ask the same question over and over… if there’s a solution to that problem, that is :smiley:

Maybe sticky threads should be highlighted with a different background color (like orange) to differentiate them so people can easily see what their offering. :stuck_out_tongue: