About editing pdf contents

Here is the thread posted days before telling about how to edit pdf text of OCR, I wanna express my feeling about that since I have some experience about that.

As the user want to edit text in scanned pdf and ask for help, guys introduce them using Adobe Acrobat or Foxit editor. Two things should be asked for consideration. First, they are both expensive, and the free trial version can hardly do anything helpful. Second, the editor may not help you edit scanned pdf, becasue they just images. You can try that for confirmation.

The right way I think you need to do is to use OCR Terminal, which is free to help you convert scanned pdf to editable text, then you can easily edit text as you want. Here is the address you can refer to.

Of course, if the file is just normal pdf(I mean, not scanned pdf), you can use trial version of Acrobat or Foxit. I still introduce another pdf to word converter which can help you save pdf as word or edit pdf text. check it out.

Actually, there are many free resolutions about PDF, it is unnecessary for use to refer to Acorbat or Foxit most of time if we have relative problems. Google is good buddy to help us find them. Just paying minutes for it, you would find you can save hours.

In order to edit pdf files you can install FoxIt Reader and then install a plug in called FoxIt Editor in order to edit documents of .pdf format.

Yes, I agree. Actually seldom guys would keep the eye on my post unless he encountered problem like that, right?:slight_smile: Of course, that doesn’t mean it has nothing useful. At least, if someone would need that one day, he could find the solutions here, not very bad.:lol:

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