Abnormal Increase of Visits to Website

Just wondered if anyone had encountered a situation when your site stats went off the scale.
For the period 23 October - 3 November 2009 my site - simplyairlines - had 11,500 visits ( 8,300 from USA ) when normally around 70 a day !
The visits were mainly coming from the " Search " engine.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Yes, has happened on a number of occasions.

If you are using analytics, then you should be able to narrow down what page is driving the traffic (if its not the homepage), and what keywords are driving the search.

Our site experienced abnormal increase of visit from Stumbleupon once. However, when we checked from the “view” from Stumbleupon itself. It’s only giving us less than 50 Views. The number showed from Google Analytic and Stumbleupon do not tally with each other. How does this happen? Anyone can enlighten me?

what should I do to have traffic on that site?I submit my site to serveral social bookmark sites,but no traffic?

Thanks will give it a try.

Hi Black Max,
Thanks for replying. Hoping it might happen again soon. Cheers

Try Craigslist.org that gives good results as well.


Hi seriocomic,
Thanks for replying and advice.

Hi John,
Thanks for replying.
Might have a another look at Stumbleupon - seems quite impressive reaction from this site to stats. Cheers

Happened to one of my sites once - a StumbleUpon link managed over 80,000 visits in 24 hours.

Normally the site manages a couple of thousand visits per day but still has slight peaks mostly due StumbleUpon.


To get traffic on StumbleUpon is for me no easy task. I think StumbleUpon has a complicated algorithm that chooses the maximum number of postings, comments, I-Like ratings, etc, etc, etc

It is a lot like all the other SEO solutions where I think it is far easier to win a lottery than to have guaranteed SEO results. What makes it worse is the “goal-posts” are continually changing and once a technique has been discovered the rules change again and again.

Just keep plugging away at the posting on numerous bulletin boards, writing articles and hope you get lucky.

If there are any SEO experts out there who would like to earn their fees from an agreed percentage of actual results then message me and we will get started.


That happened to me once, on a site I no longer maintain. Turned out my site was coming up #1 on a very specific Google inquiry pertaining to some “Internet scavenger hunt” a big site was hosting. Kinda cool…