Abadoned carts question

I seem to have quite a large number of abadoned carts, but I also do not require an email address or account in order to add items to one’s cart. it would seem best to get their email in order to add items to their cart that way if they abadoned I could email with a coupon code to finish their order. Is requiring email to add items to cart a bad idea? thanks

i cant seem to figure out how to use surveymonkey as an on exit survey. i have tried 4qsurvey but you cannot customize questions…any others out there that allows on exit surveys?

You can try http://www.surveymonkey.com/

Try an exit pop-up with a survey and
ask people. You’ll likely find some
really amazing comments are given
that will help you improve more than
any advice from us.

can you recommend some survey sites to use? thank you

Are they abandoning at the “cart” level
or at the “order page” level?

If it’s at the order page level, I would
use a multi-step checkout process and
capture their name and email up front.

Then you can conditionally handle the
email info based upon completing the
purchase or bailing out before hand.

good question, am going to have to find a way to figure that out, but i have one page checkout so its surely just on the cart level


The practice is rather non-standard. It might be worth to try, but on the other side it may discourage some people from adding products.

Maybe the better way is to try gathering email addresses via newsletter subscriptions, and provide discounts to subscribers.