A Wordpress plugin similar to this..? (page of pages)


I’m running Wordpress, and would like to have something that functions similar to this page:


It’s mainly the idea behind it that I like, the “page of pages”, or a list of ‘subpages’ within a page, if that makes any sense.

I’ve been searching all afternoon but can’t seem to find anything similar. Are there any plugins, or a way in Wordpress on how to do this? Ideally the sub-pages would all be editable with their own tags and information…


That’s not a plugin who’s doing that. It’s a complete theme. There are several at elegant themes. Just create an account and preview the
Notebook theme, or the Gleam one which is more simple, but has quite the same functionality.

This is one of the few that’s out there:

Otherwise, pagination is typically handled within a theme.