A website of two halves

I am trying to find examples on the web of website homepages for companies that offer two distinct services. I am sure I have, in the past, viewed a homepage which was split into right and left each with two different colours. Does anyone know of a website like this?

<style>html,body{ margin: 0 }</style>
<table height="100%" width="100%">
	<td width="50%" align="center" bgcolor="red"><font color="white" face="Comic Sans MS">ONE</font></td>
	<td width="50%" align="center" bgcolor="green"><font color="white" face="Comic Sans MS">TWO</font></td>

Why not start on paper and try and make something original? :wink:

Yes, I was planning something original but was looking for examples to show a client how a homepage could reflect two distinct areas of a business while still having a similar look.

I allways set a div at a sertain width.
then center that on page, then you can maken a table or floating div to have 2 halves. I never use 100% and 50% because i dont have controle over the outfilling of the page.

I like the separation of products on the 37signals home page.

Somehow that site makes me shut it asoon as it opened. Probly to big letters no colors etc.