A web tool that continuously monitors your website - looking for issues

Hey guys, I just put up a simple landing page for a new tool I’m building and thought I’d share it with everyone just in case it sounds interesting to you :slight_smile:


I work in a web development / digital marketing agency and we manage a lot of websites for clients. I originally built the tool for myself to automate a lot of the things I was checking in on for these websites on a regular basis (around 50 websites total). It’s set up with automated alerts so now I can let it alert me when something needs my attention rather than me wasting a bunch of time always checking into things.

Once it was built, I thought that it might be useful for others, so I’ve been working on building it out so that people could have their own accounts and I scaled up the infrastructure so it could handle managing thousands of websites.

By the way, I was thinking about writing up a blog post of some of the technical details of how the system is built and how it can scale up as it grows. If this sounds interesting to you, let me know.

FYI: There will be a private beta in a few weeks and I’m handing out free accounts.

Sounds interesting, can you give us a teaser to what technologies/frameworks/languages you used for various components?

Sure - the system runs on a LAMP stack. I’m not big on frameworks, so I’m not using anything like codeignitor or zend or anything like that. I have a super lightweight PHP framework that’s something I build a long time ago (been a PHP dev for about 15 years now). Essentially I have a master server that collects and reports on all the data. It assigns “jobs” to worker servers that check in and do the grunt work of monitoring and crawling the websites. If the workload gets too high, the master server boots up more worker instances to scale up.

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