A Vaguely Ridiculous Problem in Moving a Domain


So, got my first actual client site launched. Happy client, when from not showing up anywhere in 25 pages of google to top twenty overnight. Huzzah huzzah, etc.

Client had an iffy WP site, and their ‘web guy’ was working at about a three week turnaround time, and their SEO was at the mentioned levels. After kicking back and forth with their wants and needs, I ended up just setting them up a much prettier port into a hosted solution at Squarespace. All is well until about four days after the transfer, the client tells me his email ‘stopped working’.

Turns out, he had some backdoor webmail, I’m guessing through IMAP plugin, that went entirely unmentioned up until this point despite pointed questions about such. He desperately needs access to this email account that has neither been mentioned nor used in any communications until this point. I’ve asked him a few times about the host for his original wordpress site, and he doesn’t seem to know anything about it (Getting access to the domain registrar was a two-day job, so maybe the actual host will turn up and I can track the IP that way).

Anyway, the original WP site is still floating around out there, and I have some login information, but I’m a bit stumped as to how to track down the IP address, since the domainname.com/wp-login no longer works since the domain name now points to the squarespace site.

Any ideas would be great. I need to find a way to get into that old webmail and forward the content to whatever new solution I get set up (Which will also be more convoluted than it should be. Client’s domain name registrar doesn’t provide POP mail (???) without a yearly upcharge, and squarespace doesn’t do mail hosting. (Set up a gmail and forward, I suppose?)

Is there an actual way to track down what the IP address of a domain USED to be? Or is this more of a ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ situation?

I’m assuming you used a CNAME to point the www domain to squarespace? If so, you should be able to renable the mail using a CNAME entry in the control panel too.

It’s just a matter of tracking down the old hosting site. Don’t have that information handy, and the client isn’t sure, doesn’t have his login information, etc. It’d be easier if the domain registrar he’s using had email hosting, but it’s an up-charge. Guy wants his Wordpress-embedded email back, best I’m going to be able to do is google apps or zoho, I think.

Email was never hosted through the registrar account. Has to be on the old web host, which we’re working on finding. (Hence me trying to find a way to track down a previous IP for a domain name.)

I see. Does he have any old emails he could forward as an attachment? You might be able to see what mail server they went through by checking the headers…

Worth a shot – I’m betting it’s an ‘all webmail’ setup that he just lost access to, but is worth asking. Thanks.