A tool for hiding e-mail addys from spammers

Black Max,

As mentioned, I will refactor my php object orient code into a simple to object(s) with an html documentation page (how to use it with your own form type stuff) and general usage.

I will work on this on the next few nights and will post it when complete.


I agree, CAPTCHA is not that simple an implementation, and IMO it takes your website backwards. The “downside” to server side contact forms are simply the downside to spam on any email account; this is a well-defined problem area with extensive and sophisticated spam elimination options out there. As long as you’re sending your contact form to an email address with your standard spam filters, you’ll be fine (unless you get tons of spam to your standard email address; either way, a server side solution is not your problem, you need a decent spam filter).

I didn’t say that I use CAPTCHA, only that I include a simple version of it in the script that I sell that can be optionally used by those who for whatever reason insist on using it.

The only problem I’ve had with contact forms is that people sometimes mistype their email address, or, more commonly, they don’t actually KNOW their email address properly. I’ve had an amazing number of people recently continually send the wrong address, and when you finally talk to them (if possible) you find they thought their email address was different from what it actually is. For example, they had long forgotten that the initial of their middle name was included. They don’t have to think about this with a mailto link. Sigh!

Ralph, In those cases it may do well to verify the email address (retyping), it won’t stop people copy pasting or providing what they don’t know but it certainly will be a useful mechanism for safeguarding against spelling mistakes (which do happen on occasion), not perfect but the least obtrusive method. :slight_smile:

If their browser is configured properly then they don’t have to think about oit with a form either. Most web browsers allow you to enter your email address once and then the browser will remember it for you and once you type the first letter of it in a form field will offer it up as an option to fill in that field for you automatically. If you set up your browser that way then all you need to do is remember what letter your email address starts with.

Yep, both very valid points. Still, a few months ago I had a guy sending me messages that became increasingly heated because I was not replying to them; but each time he used a wrong email address to which I couldn’t reply. :nono:

Well there’s no accounting for user-error, unfortunately no matter what you do there’ll always be “those” people :slight_smile:

You can also put a ‘Don’t remember your email address’ link that takes the user to a page that describes how to find your email address in say Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, GMail, Yahoo Mail and live/hotmail.

You only have to do this once and then can use it on all the email forms you design, with only a few tweeks needed when (or if) the mail clients/services change.