A-Tag Not working with JQuery Slideshow

I tried to search these forums and others for help.

I have placed 2 links below that show the JQuery slideshow that is 99% complete and working great. I also am posting a second link that shows a very similar JQuery slideshow that shows A-Tags working correctly and has instructions to help me add A-Tags.

The LAST slide in my slideshow has a simple A-Tag with a link to a page in the website. The link seems to show up but the when clicked “Nothing Happens”

<a href="get_organized.php" target="_top"><img src="intro/ocd_logo.jpg" width="930" height="615" /></a>

Link to my JQuery Slideshow with the error on the last slide


Link to the demo of adding A-Tags with JQuery Slideshow


Any help would be appreciated. All the hard work is done.

  • Dunndada

I used the following code to fix the problem.
I still don’t understand why the A-Tag does not work.

<a href="get_organized.php" onclick="return false;"><img src="intro/ocd_logo.jpg" width="930" height="615" onclick="location.href='get_organized.php';"/></a>


The above site has some great JQuery examples
including demo and download code all zipped
into one package.

Thank you