A Small Orange - servers are always done. Looking for another host. Your suggestions?

I have been using A Small Orange for couple of years and first year was very please and recommended everybody their services, all my clients are using them.

But this year was painful. Their server and all my sites were down at least once a month.
It’s not acceptable. I was paying 45$ + taxes / month hoping to have a piece of mind. I stumble at this article about asmallorange and this is exactly what I live now: http://www.bloggersideas.com/a-small-orange-review/

I want to cry.

I dont need a cheap hosting server. I need a reliable decent hosting provider.

Please recommend me a good professional hosting service.

Thank you.

About three months ago I changed from a managed server costing about the same as what you are paying and signed up with DigitalOcean. At five dollars a month the server is just as good and even better in some respects.

Well worth a try and you will certainly learn a lot about servers :slight_smile:

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SitePoint has a useful guide to choosing a new host: http://sitepoint-forums.s3.amazonaws.com/FiveStepstoFindaGreatHost.pdf

And @dklynn has also made a detailed post on the subject: SmartHosting - #2 by dklynn

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I think the big question is what you are looking for. If you are open to un-managed services, as @John_Betong points out, VPS services like DigitalOcean or Vultr are excellent. If you still need a managed host, my personal recommendation would be to steer clear of the Endurance International Group (see http://www.linux-depot.com/non-endurance-international-group-eig-hosting/ for a list of their brands that is mostly complete). It’s surprising how many of the big hosts are held by one company.

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You can use Interserver or dreamhost which provides reliable hosting. Using it for past 2 years both are awesome.

Hi, I can understand what you are going through. I’m currently using ASO for our blog network, but so far it’s good. Downtime was there, but it was very less.

If you are searching for any other web hosting with reliable uptime, then I would suggest DigitalOcean (if you are okay with server setup stuff) or InMotion Hosting (managed server). It’s all a trial and error method for us.

Our agency had a similar problem a few years ago where our hosting solution we were using for our clients became unreliable. While we were not using for clients A Small Orange (I have experience using it for personal projects), we were using a provider called Media Temple. Once upon a time they were very reliable and got the job done.

Its unreliability made us change our hosting provider of choice to Server Beach. They had everything we were looking for. Fast speeds, minimal loading time, and most importantly for us great client support. Being a Toronto based digital agency, it also helped that their data center was also located in Toronto, which was great news for our Canadian clients. You can read more about our experience with the switch here.

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