A site making 15 - 20 grands USD per month worth?

I have a site that’s been making 15 - 20 grands USD / month for the last 12 months. I’ve been working on it for 4 years since it launched. The money gradually added up. Currently it only needs me. The work load is about 3 hours / day, 5 days a week. The job needs good English communication skills and some programming skills (PHP and MySQL). How much could it roughly be worth in your opinion?

I once read on a money making blog that a site can be roughly worth 40 times its monthly income. However when I see the sales on flippa.com, they are hardly the case. Probably 20 times the monthly income. Any idea or real sales experience?

If you’re making upwards of $250/hour for the time that you spend on the site, do you really want to get rid of it? Earning $180,000 a year for what works out at a 0.4 part time job sounds damn good to me. Do you really think you can do better elsewhere? The chances of the site being worth that to anyone else are small. It’s only worth what the new owner can get out of it, and without knowing the site inside out like you do, they are unlikely to get as much out of it for as little input as you do.

Heck, you could almost hire someone to maintain it for you.

There aren’t many people who will sell that kind of site, that’s for sure.

Yet, the multiplier depends on how much potential the site has (can you go for more than 15-20k)
and how stable is the income (will it keep on rising, or remain the same?)

You have the point. Sites’ earnings fluctuate, sometimes very violently. That’s why I included the length of period it had been performing in the 15 - 20 range, which was a indicator of how stable the stream of income was from the site, but was in no way a guarantee that it would keep performing that way in future. As I foresee there might be a chance that it would go down from this moment on, so I’m starting to thinking about selling it. But I’m not sure. So honestly, I’m selling both the potential AND the risk.

Revealing the site inside out is exactly what I worry about. It’s a pretty small niche and few people are targeting it. Potential buyers after learning about how it works would probably not buy it but just start his or her own clone. It would take years to reach my magnitude but still, it sucks.

I’m not doing it for 2 reasons:

  1. For now I need the money to cover some of the financial mistakes I made in the past. I would definitely do this when I’m completely out of debt in one or two years.
  2. The site is not so complicated nor advanced, I’m afraid the people who I hire to do the job would soon start his or her clone once he or she learns that it’s so simple. Maybe I’m worrying too much but I don’t know.

This is probably not pro-business thinking, I used to think this way as well because it’s intuitive in human nature - people keep the best of things to themselves. But as I go along in my business endeavors, I find it’s not the way to succeed. To succeed, you have to give the best of things, instead of keeping them. This turned out to be the right strategy many times when I make the decision, such as selling a top-performing asset at its peak, etc. People would also be likely to follow you.

I think you can do better on it. I am not saying that you are wasting your time but the figure you are earning is little less as per I see. As you are working on it since past 4 years then its enough too earn authority too. I would suggest you to get some more idea and put some more effort to increase your slab.

Best of Luck