A simple update query that takes several minutes

Does anyone know why this relatively simply update query takes several minutes? In fact, I don’t even let it finish because it takes so long. In theory, this should be updating a single record, that of user ID 110.

update users set visited = visited -1 where uID in (select uID from logins
where entryPoint = ‘Registration’ and uID = 110);

look at your subquery – you tell it which uID you want, and then you return that uID

so you can just use

update users set visited = visited -1 where uID = 110

I only structured my query that way to test it first. If I had written it wrong, I only wanted it to affect one account, not several thousand. But anyway, shouldn’t a query like the one I did be executed very quickly being that only one user was involved? Why did it take several minutes?


no idea

did you do an EXPLAIN on it?