A simple question about Thematic

Or may a dumb question. I’m working on switching a website I designed a while ago to a Wordpress site. I’ve been working in thematic and it’s going well. I just want to make sure I’m not missing the basic concept. I have the Sitepoint book as a guide. I have the newest dreamweaver which is helpful and I’m also using firebug.

I copied the example child theme to start, copied default.css into the child theme and renamed it NewStyle.css. So, NewStyle.css is where I make all modifications to the theme.

I wanted to add a left margin to the “container” div. In firebug I found that #container is in the layout style sheet (2c-r-fixed.css). So I added #container to NewStyle.css and put in the margin.

Am I understanding the concept correctly?

Also, I followed the Sitepoint book and copied the entire default.css from the parent theme into the child theme. But can’t I just start with a blank style sheet in the child theme and then add only the things I want to modify?


For a Child Theme, all you really need is a Style Sheet.

When you activate the child theme it will use all the files in the main (parent) theme unless you overide any of them. You can add different files to your child them folder and Wordpress will look for them first. If it finds it there it will happily use that, if not it will root around in the main theme until it finds what it is looking for.

I thought that you only need a style.css file in your child theme and put your new rules in that. I also think that you can say, add an alternative header.php in your theme folder and that will get used first.

I’ll add here that I’m a bit of a novice myself at this but for a nice tutorial and in the absence of any other posts on this thread, take a look here: http://op111.net/53/

Good luck


Thanks Martin. The tutorial looks good. I ended up copying default.css and the layout stylesheet into the child directory. I found it easier to have it all in front of me. I think it will take some time to get familiar with it.

That’s exactly what I did but I am wondering now if it was the best way? What I ended up doing was commenting every CSS change I made with a view to stripping out the duplicate stuff later. But now, I have such a complicated child theme I am contemplating making it into a theme in its own right.

Best of luck