A simple calendar. No events, just "on" or "off"

Looking for a very simple calendar that could be easily handled by my client.

All he wants is a calendar that shows green the day he’s open and blank the day he’s closed. No need for splitting the days in hours or so. If he’s open 5 October, that day should be green. If he’s closed 6 October, that day should be blank.

And a way that he can manually access the calendars “admin” in html, select a date and simply turn it green (or turn off the green if he had added that previously).

It’s supposed to be a popup (or included, if small) on his homepage.


Is the client’s site currently using any frameworks we should know about (jQuery, bootstrap, etc)?

It’s an installation of OpenCart, so yes, jQuery, bootstrap and all the rest.

FullCalendar Example (codepen.io)

I mean, it didnt take me particularly long to generate that. You’d need a bit more to handle the interaction/backend, or customize the look, but… shrug

(Incidentally, you say “no events”, but then want, by definition, to define an event of being open on a given day. So you do want events.)

They’re just all-day events.

Wooohooo! Excellent! I think he’ll be able to manually add dates in the javascript. I’ll give him a copy/paste introduction. And yes, seconds after I posted I realized it might be considered as “events”. But as my desire didn’t include “what, where, how” and a dozen other details I let it slide. I’m not english spoken.

I’m telepathically sending you beer and peanuts.

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