A simple but pretty blogging platform for bloggers

We are trying to create an easy to use platform for bloggers. http://naya.com.np/popular mixes several popular features from websites (and social networks) we use on a daily basis to create UI that is easy to use yet allows users to create beautiful looking articles and pages. A simple status update could look something like this http://naya.com.np/@developer.naya/post/391862c0520b5b5632e99e812749a85b or this http://naya.com.np/@naya/post/2dfe965e724cb51da304f5c58e8d31bb or this http://naya.com.np/@pramin.osiris/post/ddb603e5d23579b6d7ab36c2d492bd34

Users can also categorize their posts or posts by other users by collecting them into a collection. Each collection has unique features depending on its type. Collections would then look something like this http://naya.com.np/collections.

Our goal is to provide bloggers (especially writers, photographers and artists) an easy to use sharing platform. We are also very very very picky about the way our website looks, therefore no ugly ads or unwanted UI routines. We believe that the design of a website should be able to improve the quality of its content to some extent.

Note: We launched this website to Nepali users but are slowly trying to extend its reach to international bloggers communities.

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