A scrollable month column in a table

What I have been asked to look at is within a table, we have 1 column that is a month column and beneath it are rows of data as figures.

As there 12 months, I cant fit them all in one column, so what I want is for it to be January on load, and either side there arrows, if the user clicks the right arrow it goes to February and the whole column moves to the left to display the data for February.

Then if they click the right arrow again March appears, and all the data for march in each row in that column slides over too.

The user can then click the left arrow if they want to see February next.

If you post the html (and css) for the table along with relevant examples of the data then it will make it easier for someone to offer advice.:slight_smile:

I can’t help with the JS but if you wanted a manually scrollable table with fixed headers for modern browsers (not IE11) then I have a CSS only demo here.

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