A script that allows you to easily display the date of the planned delivery

Hi, I have been looking at various solutions for a long time, which appeared in other voting boxes, but I cannot find a specific one for myself.

I need a counter that counts values: Days, e.g. 1, when ordering by 10:30 am, the change should be for 2 days after that time. Of course, the counter must also ignore the weekends.

So, buy on Friday at 14/10/2022 10:00, the date of dispatch should be on 17/10/2022. However, when ordering 14/10/2022 12:00, the shipping date should be on 18/10/2022.

Three variables
// today’s date (result before 10:30 am)
// today’s date ( result after 10:31 am)
// how much time I have left for the order with shipment:
// the end date according to the schedule until 10:30

Scheme of the result:

Order by: <text id = "today"> <text id = "countingdown"> with shipment: <text id = "date">
// result before 10:30 am
Order by: <text id = "today (+1day)"> <text id = "countingdown"> with shipment: <text id = "date">
// result after 10:31 am

Scheduled shipment:

Unfortunately, the code that I was able to prepare only indicates the date of shipment

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