A quick question on XML_Serializer

Does anybody here have any experience with XML_Serializer?

I’m sure there must be one or two

I’m parsing an XML file with XML_Serializer.

I’m using this PEAR class so that I can grab the entire contents and put it into an array (why is another story for another time)

At the moment it is also taking the attributes and their values of the tags like so:

    <prod id="88966064" pre_order="no" web_offer="no" in_stock="no" stock_quantity="0">

And adding them to the returned array like this:

XML_Serializer_Tag] => Array(
             [id] => 88966064
             [pre_order] => no
             [web_offer] => no
             [in_stock] => no
             [stock_quantity] => 0

Are there any options in XML_Serializer that allows me to use the XML data without the attributes and just the tags and the data inbetween them, ie only?


$str = preg_replace(“~<([^\s>])[^>]>~”,“<$1>”,$str);