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hello my name is Aryan khan and I am new to Seo recently I have found a good way to get social hits to my videos and websites from social exchange websites likes Addmefast and youlikehits. I got ranked but somehow likes and hits disappearing again and again :frowning: Is there any way to let them stay ?


No there are no way to continue your hits. these types of websites gives you fake and anonum IP views. So according to me never use that type of website and software to increase likes or hits. Just build your own social community and drive traffic on your blog or website

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Thanks for your reply @reckonankit . Yes I see drop all the time for getting points I am using an Addmefast bot same I am using ylh bot for youlikehits these 2 are giving me good points on these websites so drop is really not that an issue.
But the only issue is will the drop effect ranking ? and drops are only 5-10% not so much.
Also my second question is when add page on addmefast after some time it shows up blocked why its doing that again and again ? I always have to click unblock and verify :frowning:

Aryan khan


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Have you read the AddMeFast Tos? http://addmefast.com/terms

You must not use bots, auto-clickers, our external scripts on the Website.

As @reckonankit says, this type of fake traffic/likes is worthless anyway, but if you’re relying on it in the absence of genuine visitors, you should at least abide by the ToS of the sites involved.

Yup you are right but getting points manually is so hard :smiley:

So you’d rather cheat and hope you don’t get found out and banned?

Don’t you think it would be more sensible, and more beneficial in the long run, to stop putting your energies into fake traffic and likes, which are of no real benefit, and instead put your efforts into gaining genuine visitors? Yes, that’s hard work and yes, it takes longer, but it will be worth so much more in the end.

What happens if you do get banned from AddMeFast? Your fake traffic dries up and you’re left with nothing. Build up genuine traffic and likes and you won’t need to worry about losing it.


These social exchange websites are of no use. Continuing with these may block your advertise page in future

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