A Question For All - How do you feel about Guns?

Not trying to be political here, not at all but over the past 2 years I have become VERY involved in the US 2nd amendment rights, namely the right to bear arms (for those of you that don’t know that means ‘own guns’)

Now even more so I live in Pennsylvania and our state constitution states:

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

Now I know there are a lot of non-US people here and some member countries MAY have banned ownership a long time ago. This really has nothing to do with that. I am curious though how many people here think people that owning guns (of any form) are a ‘problem to society’ … not talking criminals, I am talking honest, law abiding citizens.

Be curious how ‘geeks’ feel about guns.

Nope not for a client, just bored one day and I decided to ‘build something’ … yeah I’m that nuts. I’m 50 (almost 51) and still can’t sit still for a second. I work from 8am to 10pm just because I’m “bored” … my wife says I have to be nuts because my feet and legs are moving all night while I sleep. What can I say?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I changed my mind about gun-ownership when I learnt why the US second amendment was created.


Do you mean you changed your mind to be for it or against it?
It’s my understanding that the second amendment came into effect to insure that ALL United States citizens would be able to protect themselves, family, property, and country.
Is that what you mean?


And to overthrow the government if the need be.


Oh WOW!!! Those are nice, DC! I love the rare ones.
Awesome collection.
thisis off-subject but when you did: articlesitemanager.net , was it for yourself or a client? How does it work exactly?

Well I was in the Army and I have to say I HATED my M-16, absolutely hated it … this might be why I tend to lean to the ‘soviet block’ weapons. While my M-16 freaked out at the first sign of dirt my AKs eat the dirt AND the ammo I feed them and keep on smiling.

Here’s a few of ‘the girls’:

and my newest ‘sweetheart’, my Yugoslavian M92 Krinkov (along side one of my Yugo AKs):

Have to tell you that M92 is a BLAST to shoot!

BTW, that SKS in the top pic is a 1965 Chinese SKS … pre ban with a “experimental” 10 round mag

That’s awesome. I also have a 7.62 MM SKS. But I do prefer the .223 - I like the “tumbling” action the round produces during trajectory :slight_smile: .
I wuold like to get my hands on a genuine Klashnikov but i haven’t found one here in my area - yet.
I wish I could get a Colt .223. i’m a big fan of Colt! I own a Python.
Have you ever heard of a Belgium-made Browning? They are rare here in the USA but I have a 12-gauge semi that is absolutely awesome!

Wow! Nice to see some of the 2A supporters here! Kudos to you sir! While I’m not an AR type (sorry a MAJOR lover of AKs) I’m still with you!

If I listed all the weapons I own people might think I’m nuts (then again …) Leave it to say both myself and my wife carry a weapon every time we walk out the door of our house (yes legally)

Charelton Heston is my only president! NRA 4 life!!! :slight_smile:
But seriously, I feel pretty strongly about our right to bear arms and I think this right should be protected at all costs.
Matter of fact, just bought myself a Bushmaster AR-15 but I haven’t had time to go to the range yet.

I am a huge supporter of the right to bear arms. I think having the right to protect yourself and your family is as natural as having the right to breathe. I have a Browning 425 (12 bore) It’s beautifully balanced and far superior to the marques that they have bought out since. I wonder why they are rare in the states? Awesome collection by the way.

Well, I don’t think it’s quite about over-throwing the government as much as it is about protecting our liberty as a while. If that includes over-throwing the government in some extreme case, then yes, I totally agree.
But I also think that the government would see this scenario coming well ahead of time and try to enact laws to disarm us…similar to the “new” US government that will be in place soon… .

[FONT=“Georgia”]All I have to say about that “new” US government is that things that seem too good to be true, usually are.

And let’s just leave it at that.


Army and police erase on my mind

The US-made Brownings are a dime a dozen here. You ca buy them at Wal-Mart even. The rarity I was referring to was the true Belgium-made Brownings. They definitely have a higher value here in the USA.

Being in the UK you can own a gun and hold a license for one if you choose but nowhere on the scale of the US. My personal feeling is that I have no problem with people owning guns and outlawing them due to gun crime is not a good solution. Educate people and make them aware of how to use them responsibly, take away the mystery and ‘coolness’ and it takes away the appeal of them.

I also think that UK police should be armed in the same way the US police force are.

It’s just like anything in the world- it only takes a few to give a bad name to many. The idiots who mis-use firearms and commit crimes with them are the ones who make the Gov. feel the need to pass all of this B.S. legislation.
This is stupid and ignorant of the US Gov. to do.
Consider this: would they try to ban the driving of cars becuase of drunk drivers? Or would they sue Ford Motor Company becuase a drunk driver who happened to be driving a Ford caused and accident? No, they certainly would not.
But they have no problem suing US gun-makers (Colt) for other people’s mis-use and mistakes.
Guns don’t kill people; People kill people…

I thought they had changed that policy over the last few years and now ‘bobbies’ are armed

No, only tactical response units or special units at events. You average bobby has a small extendable truncheon and pepper spray…

I think that the forces should be armed. Also farmers who own livestock, pass a strict psycological test and have a license.

Other than that I wholely disagree with the use of guns.