A question about google webmaster tool search queries

In using google webmaster tools, why do you see a steady number of impression? as if Google set the number as a constant for our impression on search queries.

Is the result actually accurate? any thoughts about this would be appreciated.

Maybe it just hasn’t collected enough data for your site and updated yet?

That impression indicated that how many times your site is coming on the SERP page & clicks by users. The steady numbers of impression depends upon updates of Google webmaster tool.

In Google Webmaster Tools data are not updated instantly, you can use Google Analytic Tools for instant data updates

Since few months G webmaster tool, If have more impressions showing the correct number of imp other wise shows less than 10… For some of my keywords showing exact numbers but some others with less impression showing <10

I think once the impression numbers get high they show estimates. So you might see large rounded numbers to the nearest ten thousandth or something.