A practical business problem


Since we work on Zen-Cart so I thought PHP forum is the most suitable on sitepoint for my issue.

Zen-Cart and so many modules are wonderful for an e-commerce website. Happy with Zen-Cart, thanks to the community.

I’m dealing with a problem and request you to suggest a solution:

As far as retailing is concerned it is great, individuals buy online, PayPal is the only payment option for the end user. But there are so many stores that buy in bulk directly. It is obvious it is not through the website.

  1. How to enter these orders from admin panel? It should not involve the checkout procedure by logging on to the customer account.

  2. It should have Cash/Cheque On Delivery Payment as the only payment option.

  3. The 3rd problem is related to maintaining the inventory, most business houses use an offline inventory and accounting software, they find it difficult to duplicate the process, they say:
    a) We do not want to update the inventory on the website and in our “Accounting and Inventory S/W”
    b) And when a sale is made on the website, we have to update our local inventory manually.

I’m sure these are the areas every business would like to have a solution so that there physical stores, online store and accounts & inventory can all become one stop solution.

We are also open to other solutions (other than zen-cart) that can bridge this gap of Inventory and Accounts problems. Also the online and offline selling problem.

Kindly guide us.