A New Forum That Arranges Most Approved Post To Most Visible Position

I’ve been trying for years to find a way to develop a forum that implements the opinion of users to position the most approved post at the top of a thread.

The idea is quite a bit more complex than just that, but that is the basic function. Some people have told me this can be done with html, but I’ve never seen a page that performs like that.

There would be 3 polls that users must respond to in order to post. Their post must support their poll responses.

Each thread topic would have a number of threads that support it by addressing aspects that the topic is dependent upon. If a person has accounted for the dependencies of the topic they are posting about, their thread has the potential of gathering a definitive, progressive product that is immediately visible to any viewer.

The idea is that issues will actually resolve in a fairly absolute fashion. Of course new information could change that, but not every issue has that attribute.

As far as I can tell our world really needs this software. Accordingly, anyone who might know of a developer or coder who is interested, please post!

What language are you writing this in, and how far have you got in creating something?

I’m not a programmer. My experience extends to rudimentary html. My first goal was to determine which language would be best.

I was told by one person PERL would be the best. I know PHP could do it, but everyone says its very difficult. I agree. I’ve messed around with forum software some and got nothing done.

Nothing but a description of the concept and the logistics of competent discussion related to the needs of the forum has been developed so far.

Which language do you think would be best?

This is actually a very important project. It is easily seen that large groups on the web do not resolve important issues with the use of contemporary forum software.

This concept places the most approved resolution to date in the most visible position for new visitors to appraise. The history of the group development of that post resolving issues would be available in several ways, making the basis easily evaluated.

There is a very good chance that this software could revolutionize functional web forums AND advance human society considerably given some time. This is because the human contributions towards resolving serious problems and innovations would be very well appraised with final approved appraisal being immediately available.

Please, seeking advanced programmers who can understand the importance of this.

If you’re looking for collaborators to work on this with you/for you, then this really isn’t the place to look. This forum is a place for discussion; we can discuss the idea, or help with specific coding issues, but we don’t have an area which deals with looking for partners.

Perhaps a site like http://collabfinder.com/project would be more appropriate for what you want.

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Thanks, did not know that. (On Edit:) The collabfinder only accepts submissions for a persons skills. Programming/coding is not a skill, so I’m outta luck there. I need what is the focus here, coding, but what kind of language or code is the question.

I’ve been trying to determine what is the most effective language for this project.

One programmer stated that it would perhaps be best to use many types of code on the pages to get the action needed.

One that manages the data base, another that arranges text blocks on pages according to predefined parameters, and another that runs the algorithms used to create the parameters which position the text blocks on pages.

Accordingly, here, I’m looking to get advice on which language or languages would be best. How to approach the coding of this new forum concept.

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