A multi user login system in JS using arrays

Hey guys,does anyone know how to build a multiuser login system without a database backend,entirely in Javascript.Security isn’t an issue, just the method and logic.

That makes no sense.
Javascript is a client-side technology, while “login” assumes some kind of relation between client and server. So you have to have some backend anyway. Otherwise, how will server know who’s logged and who’s not?

The only use i can see for this idea is to hide some content on the page until user doesn’t provide some kind of credentials (password?)

This is an example i made: http://jsfiddle.net/cq6zuzxm/

But this is completely unsecure way to do that, as user can simply look into page source code and get that hidden content for free

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You could use Node or any other server side JavaScript platform and have it save the info to a file instead of a database.

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