A math noob vs JavaScript

Hello Everyone, I’m a math noob who knows absolutely nothing about math because I dropped out of elementary school when I was a kid. anyway, I’ve been learning web development for 2 months to start a new life, and I’m heading to learn JavaScript however I’ve no knowledge of math whatsoever. The best I can do is basic addition and subtraction, multiplication and division are considered beyond my capability. what should I do? just hop in and start learning JavaScript or take some math courses then learn JavaScript? and what are the math courses I should take?
Thank you.

If you are able to do basic math like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication that is good enough for you to start JavaScript. No need to worry about complex formulas not all developers using them, especially web developers are not using them a lot. So cheer up and start to learn JS.


Javascript is quite broad. The basics you can certainly do without extensive math knowledge, but as your javascript skills improve you’ll miss them more and more.

So I think it would be good to do a course at some point. But maybe stick to just JS first and see if you really like it and whether it makes sense to invest in learning math?


Math, or at least, non-arithmetic math, is really only about streamlining things and identifying patterns, when it comes to Javascript for the web.

You need to be able to count. You need to be able to add, and subtract. You probably should have a decent grasp of percentages insofar as to know that 50% = half, and 33% = a third. Beyond that… shrug


Thank you for your response, I’m sure that i’ll stick with JavaScript as I’m planning to become a full-stack developer, However if you have any suggested math courses please tell me, I’d really appreciate it.

All you really need to know is that like most programming languages, JS starts counting from zero. :-)

Seriously though, as already noted actual math is only required for very specific tasks such as more sophisticated animations where you need to know about vectors and matrices (although even then you’ll probably have a library do the heavy lifting). So yes, I’d say just hop in.

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