A kinder, softer SP Community

They are worth a watch.


But if he watches them, won’t it change his life and possibly change our future as a whole? I am not sure if we can put up with more Chaos right now.

I mean, he watches them and then decides that he needs to make a change and leaves the Sitepoint forums. Which causes others to think that perhaps he left because of the pink and butterflies and not for “legitimate” reasons. Then they try to step in to fill the void he left in the community only to help someone with a question that leads to AI which then grows into Skynet and thus sees us as just a bunch of pink and butterfly loving hippies and decides to kill us all.

Do we want this?


Sadly, the butterflies have all flown now. Whether chaos ensues remains to be seen.

I will miss them, but I have to admit that design was rather dated - very much yesterday’s theme … shifty_suspect


The butterfly effect is one of those movies you watch and changes your perspective of reality. It’s like a horror movie but not really a horror movie. If you want something more recent with a similar effect watch devs on Hulu. I binged watch devs and had crazy weird dreams for days.


The thing is, Chaos Theory/The Butterfly Effect is a very real thing. One small decision/change can alter things for generation to come.


What happened to the new design?

The butterfly effect


See post #1 in this thread :slight_smile:

So do I - and at least we still have that. smile (It was our original inspiration for the more comprehensive “redesign”. lol)


Based on the title I thought this discussion would be about softer (kinder) behavior but I see it is about a softer appearance.

Is there a particular aspect of the behaviour on here that you feel needs attention?


What happened to the butterflies?

Please refer to the first post of this thread :wink:

I thought they all flew away at the end of the day, but there may be the odd one still around. butterfly