A history of the world in 100 objects

Has anybody else been listening this fabulous programme (BBC Radio UK)?

It takes a single artefact each day and then explains how it came to be made; who it was made for and the role it played in the the history of the world.

The artefacts are from all over the world.

Yesterday’s was the Shiva and Parvati sculpture (fascinating) but they have covered things as disparate as the Lewis Chessmen and the Clovis spearhead.

They are available as podcasts (15 mins) and they have done about 70 to date.


I cannot recommend them high enough.

The history of the world is fascinating ! I was in 10000 BC and I’m really delighted.

This is fantastic :slight_smile:

There is a terrific website we built which has pictures of all the objects which you can deep zoom to examine the objects in detail as well as read information. You can also explore 1000s of other objects from across the UK which tell global stories as add your own to the collection.