A guide for a non-techy person jumping into blogging

I have set up a site for a client that runs a beer/wine store/bar, and he is going to start blogging (wordpress) on his site. Does anyone have a good beginners guide you can recommend for him? He is not overly techy, but very passionate about his hobby and store.

Thanks ahead of time!

Hi Noslenwerd!

The only suggestion I have and it’s really where I started off was on the Wordpress.org website - I found this guide: http://codex.wordpress.org/First_Steps_With_WordPress very useful and I also joined up to the Forums where I could post any question I had directly to the source which turned into a timesaver for me so many times because I usually found what I was looking for already answered on the Forums!

Hope this will help you out! :slight_smile:

Thanks mizwizzy. I should have been more specific in saying that I was looking for something more along the lines of how to connect with people when blogging, and how to structure a blog post that will keep people coming back :slight_smile:

Ah, I see! Well we have a couple of Stickies around the Forums here namely the following:

Criteria of a Quality Article
Online Web Content Writer Resources

Hope these will be of benefit to you. You might also want to check out the Social Networking and Communities Section of the Forums also as there are many topics covered there on this subject, plenty of reading for you! :slight_smile:

Great thats more along the lines of what I was looking for.

Thanks again!

These two articles may give you some help:
The Newbie Guide to Blogging
A Practical Guide to Blogging

Hey noslenwerd,

You can try Yaro Starak’s Blogging Blueprint on his blog entrepreneurs-journey.com. It has all the information you will need if it is passionate blogging that you are concerned about.

Hope that helps.


He needs to refer “The Begginer’s guide to Blogging” e-book.

Being In Tune with Your Readers Needs. And to do so, you can do the following things:

  • watching the comments section of your blog for questions and problems

  • watching your metrics to see what words people are searching for in search engines to arrive on your blog

  • watching what people are searching for when they are on your blog using your internal search tool

  • running focus groups with loyal readers (something I’ve done a few times with real success)

  • keeping an eye on what questions are being asked on other blogs, forums and on social media sites

  • writing a post asking your readers for their questions or giving them an opportunity to share their needs