A Great Read

If you only read on thing today, make it this.

The brain and supernormal stimuli

A really interesting article, thanks for sharing it! I’d heard about the stickleback experiment before, but not any of the others.

On a similar theme, I’m part way through a book called Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It talks about how our brains, having evolved ways of thinking that suited our ancestral environment, are often prone to error with the sorts of things we deal with in the modern world (such as why we have difficulty thinking statistically).

It is a very interesting article but its conclusion is something we all know (at least, when we user our common sense): most of the things we do are not good or bad, it depends on the use we give them. If in excess, they tend to be harmful. In the right measure, they are positive.

Still, it is a very good read and sometimes we do neeed to be reminded of the most basic stuff. I know that I have less and less power will :lol: