A great, clean, ad free World Clock feature for our site?

I’ve been looking for a few different solutions, but I wanted to ask some people hear to see if there is any tried and tested excellent solutions to this…

On our company web system, we would like to have some world clocks of several different countries around the world (the countries we get to pick ourselves). The company I work for has different teams around the world, so it would be handy to see what time it is in different places…

Anyone have a rock solid, efficient, ad free way of implement this?

Many thanks!

How about any of these:


Also this is pretty cool:

I’ve seen all of them… Looking for something with a clock interface really (yes, I know, I’m really fussy…)

I just found this one:

Thing is, it has ads… I wonder if anyone knows of one that hasn’t got ads?

(or is that really too fussy?!)

Clock interface?

Clock interface… Like the one in the google gadget link (above)… Not just numbers, but an actual analog clock face. Ok, maybe ‘clock interface’ weren’t the best description…

Thing is, my company wants one that is VERY similar to the Google Gadget one… But we need it without ads, without association with Google, and without the restrictions etc…

It’s a lot to ask I know… But I just wondered if there was a native JavaScript script that would have a similar clock face to the Google Gadget one but I can use natively without the Google stuff associated with it…

If that all made sense.

Check this site http://www.reachhyderabad.com, it has a cool clock on the right side. It is customizable so that u can set ur own colors and country preferences. And mainly there are no Ads associated with it. I worked on developing this site some time back for one of my clients.

Thank you for that link… That’s the kind of thing I’m after matey… I’m not sure how my company would feel about using Flash… I’ll look into it. I’m half tempted to actually make one myself, so I have complete control over it…

But, if anyone has any other links to world clock scripts etc. then that would be useful.