A good website to obtain a Domain and web host!

hi mates!!!
I was just wondering if any body can please tell me a good website to obtain a domain and web host?? I am thinking to open an online store so I will need SSL, a shopping card and ability to accept credit cards!!!
Thanks :slight_smile:

You would also want to check BigRock which I think provides all the services that you need as well…

These days that is not recommended to have web hosting and domain name registration service from the same company. So better chose domain name registrar and web host separately.

I believe you need to get your web site ready first of all for this purpose. Then register domain name and install shopping cart. I recommend you checking hotscripts.com. Only there you will be able to get some ready solutions for your business.
For SSL go to the geotrust and rapidssl.

Thanks for replying… PayPal seems to be a good option :slight_smile:

You cannot get all these at one place - domain, hosting and ssl at one place but shopping cart and ability to accept credit cards at another place. You can try Paypal for the second one.

Good luck.