A good blogging site?


I’m trying to find a good blogging site that I can integrate in my site. Blogger seems to have binned the FTP publishing so I can’t use that, and I don’t really want to pay for WordPress’s site integration (unless I’m doing it wrong and it’s free). Are there any other sites or even a way to do it without a site?

(just in case, my site is here: http://icespark.exofire.net - I want my blog underneath the “News” heading)

Thanks a lot! ^^

The problem with Wordpress is that you have to pay to be able to integrate it into your own webpage.

And if I’m going to use Blogger I need to know how to integrate the current version into my HTML, because they’ve binned the FTP option.

Please take note. This thread’s topic of discussion is:

It is not “Do you like WordPress” or “Do you like Blogger”.

It is “Are there any other sites or even a way to do it without a site?”

Please keep on topic.

I use wordpress and I believe it’s the best no matter the level of knowledge u have, but it’s not a bad thing to do tests as well, maybe you’ll like more blogger…

I use wordpress, and I find it to be restrictive to the extreme. You have to pay to edit your CSS, and it would take an act of congress if you want to edit the HTML or PHP. Forget about running any adds, it’s not going to happen.

In my opinion, wp is a good test track for blog ideas, you do your basic layout, test your content, and see how fast it moves up the search engine ratings, but I’d have a better place ready to transfer it to once I got it dialed in.

As far as I can see there are no GOOD alternatives as far as sites like wp are concerned, if you’re serious about your blog, and want to exercise the kind of control over it that is needed to make your ideas work, then you need your own domain on a dedicated server.

Just my brutally honest opinion. :eye:

I can find the little red triangle

try using joomla. and i think joomla has complete extension

I think you should use wordpress CMS, they have a vast plugin directory & themes.

the same question,i also need to find a good blog to integrate in my site…so i will find it here?

blogspot blog is my favorite.

Well, if I will going to choose in blogger and wordpress, I will definitely choose blogger for being user friendly. It’s not that hard to use it. Am I right? You can easily do what you are trying to do. :rofl:

blogger is so user friendly and tons of great easy to ad aps and tools!

compare with blogger more functionality will be there in wordpress… easy to use & SEO friendly…

Have you tried Blog.com? It’s m 3rd choice in blogging.

One of my friend is using tumblr and i find it cool.

I’ll let her try blog spot since most of you recommended this site.

wordpress is a good blogging site. i have blogs also using blogger and wetpaint.

I currently stick to blogger. The interface is great when it comes to using other Google Webmaster Tools. Also, you can point your domain to your blogger blog.

I agree blogger is for you its free and easy to use. But if you have a little idea on techies then you have to choose wordpress you have your own page too.

You can use wordpress as a free tool to create customized blogs with your page category.

i’m use blogger or blogspot because easy, Friendly and simply :D:D:D

blogspot is best option for you and i thnk its free if you are not willing to pay to wordpress or their are other option like tumblr

wordpress is really easy. everything is laid out for you, you can choose from various themes, update pages, add photos and videos, links, etc. I began using it in school and now I use it for my own personal and professional use. very simple.