A free very simple tool that emails a users browser details, so you know what they are using when tracking down cross-browser issues

We’ve just released this tool, called debugme.io, which is all about helping solve cross-browser issues.

We created it for ourselves initially, as it was helpful to be able to send people links (debugme.io/to/your@email) which would automatically send us browser details. Dealing with cross-browser bugs is a daily affair for any Front-end developer and we are no different! Having to ask for the details always proved a bit more difficult when we wanted precise version numbers, which the tool helps with.

There weren’t any particular challenges, it’s a pretty simple tool really. The main thing we wanted to achieve was making it really simple to use for anyone.

At the moment I like that it’s simple, but I think it could offer more detail. We already had some ideas given to us by other developers, such as including resolution details (as their is a form that requires submission, to accept the terms, we can get client-side details this way).

We are also considering adding a team login, so organisations and agencies can use urls like: debugme.io/to/{custom-url}. We could also provide a login area with a history of submissions.

Another idea we had is to add the ability to assign a reference like: debugme.io/to/your@email?reference={referece}, so the developer can identify the submission better. This exists already, but we aren’t sure how to communicate it to people easily, so we’ve generally left it out of promotion so far.

It would be great to hear how helpful you think it would be to you.

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