A Few SEO Questions

Hi I have an Anime Download site and I got some question on improving its SEO and having more traffic.
I am using Wordpress and I am using All in one SEO… I am fairly new to this so please be gentle ^^
1.Does frequent changing my Home page Title,Description and Keyword bad??
2. For post Titles/Description is it good if I repeat a word…
Example: Free Naruto downloads, Naruto direct download, HD Naruto Episode download.

Thanks in advance

I’ll see if I can help out… others might have different opinions to me, but here’s what I think based on my experience…

  1. It’s not “bad” but the longer you keep your title & description, the better. That’s mainly how you’ll appear in the SERPs, so changing them will change how you appear in the SERPs.

  2. Try to keep it under 3 repetition for title & description - but this might vary depending on which keywords you’re targeting. Have a look through the first page of the SERPs for your target keywords, if the majority of sites repeat the keyword 5 times, that might be the sweet spot for that keyword. If most sites only use it once or twice, do the same.

The important thing to remember is to stay within the boundries that Google have already set.

The most important thing for the long term is you make a blog that people want to read. When you start having people returning to see what you posted next, you are on to something. The SEO really won’t matter in the long run if you just keep covering your topic well, as you’ll hit all the important keywords over time. Your questions are good, but these days small changes like the ones you describe probably won’t make a huge difference. Content that people read over time will mean a lot to you.

Why should it matter? Sorry for being pedantic, but Google probably couldn’t care less if you decide to run three updates a day rather than one, and neither should you. Run your site as you please, not because some guy on the Internet says that it’s “bad for SEO”.

No, because it won’t benefit your users. If your users want to watch Naruto episodes, then you could simply write “Watch Naruto Episodes Here at [Name of Site]”. Again, despite the stuff people peddle on here, Google only cares about providing users with good, relevant websites for their searches and that comes from backlinks. If you don’t build your website for your users then you won’t get any links or visitors back.

It matters because if Googlebot checks the homepage and every time the title and description are different, it isn’t going to be easy for it to figure out what the site is about. We’re not talking about updating the page contents here - sure, search engines love sites that continually update and add new content - we’re talking about the ‘meta’ information (in its broad sense, including the page title). The more you mess around with that, the more likely you are to see inconsistent positions and links/text in search results, and poor overall search rankings.

I’m struggling to think of an advantage to changing the ‘meta’ information that frequently – if the theme of your site is stable then the ‘meta’ information should be as well, even if the actual content featured on the homepage changes more frequently.

Realistically, why would you ever want to change the title and description that much, and surely even if you were to change it there would be some form of constant within it? I’m willing to believe that if you keep your title largely the same Google won’t judge you too much, whereas if you change the title to something completely different once a day then you might have a problem.

I have ask of the frequent change of Titles mainly I am planning on updating them per week if a new episode for that series comes example.
Last week Title=Watch Naruto episode 10 | Bleach episode 8 | One Piece episode 20
This week Title=Watch Naruto episode 11 | Bleach episode 9 | One Piece episode 21
Next week Title=Watch Naruto episode 12 | Bleach episode 10 | One Piece episode 22

Many Many Thanks

The real question you need to ask yourself is why would you need to put that in the title? You could probably assume that users going to your website would know what episode they are on, and if not they could check the content on your website to find out. The title should only tell you the name of the website with a small description of what it does.