A few questions regarding URI's


I have recently rewritten uris in my website with mod_rewrite. It works fine and all that. But i’m not sure about some things, seo wise. For example a link taking you to a page with lyrics right now is:


  1. Would it be better seo wise if i put the id (32847 part) in the end so that relevant keywords are nearer to the start of the uri? How about other options like music/32847-elvis-presley-viva-las-vegas or something similar?

  2. According to what i’ve heared search engines like static pages. Would it be better if i added “.html” in the end or doesn’t it make any difference?

Thanks for your help

Adding a suffix like .html won’t make any difference to search engines, and just adds unnecessary complication for you and for your users.

Do you need the page ID there at all? If you can omit any unnecessary parameters, that’s helpful. You certainly shouldn’t include dummy folder names if they don’t work without the filenames, eg would mysite.com/music/32847/ work? If not, then the URL format you’ve used is a bad one, and you should use the concatenated filename format.

Search engines only like static-looking URLs for pages that genuinely are static. If the contents are really dynamic then it’s better to use a query/parameter URL, so that search engines understand how your site works better.

Thanks. I am going to go with music/elvis-presley-viva-las-vegas-32847, unless if you have more suggestions :slight_smile:

PS: Yes i need the ID there cause otherwise it would take too many resources to find the songs in the database (fulltext searching). Or it may not find the right one at all. :slight_smile: