A few photos to brighten your day

Had a few days away in Wales last week and the weather was not great for most of the time. Walked up a mountain called Cader Idris which is where the rock formation is and in the background of the lake. The two sunsets have Barmouth in the distance.


We used to go camping near there when I was a kid, at a place called Shell Island. I spent many a happy hour holding the tent down when the wind got up. Lovely photos.

Simply F A N T A S T I C !!!
Thanks for sharing these.

Great pictures, @Rubble. Thanks for sharing.

Aren’t we all being a bit fluffy today? :wink:
Must be the Sunday

Great pictures @Rubble, as usual. They look very professional and very tranquil. I hope you enjoyed the time you spent there.

Thank you for the comments; as you can see the weather was good for a day and a half but the last two days were grey clouds and low clouds/mist which was a shame.

Cader Idris is 893 m high and as I am unfit was hard work; but it helped taking a lot of photo breaks.

When I was a teenager we camped near Snowdon and had to move the tent in the middle of the night as it started to flood.

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here’s some relaxing view

One day I will be visiting this place. This is part of what I dreamed of.

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