A Difficult Question

I was asked a difficult question last night by a person who wants to specialize in an area of the internet, instead of been a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ in terms of internet capability and skills.

The questions was - “what area of the whole web design / development do you think it would be best to specialize in… what skill is sought after and what skill would is most valuable from a financial point of view”

I thought for a few minutes on it and my top 3 responses were:

  • iOS Development
  • Java Development
  • PHP Development

What would be your top 3 (in order of priority)

Looking forward to seeing people’s opinions on this…

The problem with iOS development, as I see it, is that it’s too device specific—likewise with developing for any specific mobile platform.

It seems that backend development skills are more marketable than front end—no matter what the language. Perhaps the same applies to those who can develop desktop apps … though ideally, you’d be able to do this for multiple OSes.

I’d maybe look at (in descending order)

  • Desktop app development
  • Backend web development
  • Front end development (HTML, CSS, JS) perhaps with a focus on cross-platform apps based on web technologies.

(I’m talking through my hat here, though, as I’m only really familiar with front end coding, with only the rudiments of JS—something I’m trying to address.)

Yeah i agree with all that you are saying but in terms of iOS, from a financial point of view and not a technical point of view, it is probably the most valuable skill at present


My order of priority will be same as you.

iOS Development
Java Development
PHP Development


Thanks for your feedback

Hm, I was just listening to the SitePoint Podcase #161 the other day, where they seemed to imply that Java had had its run. They didn’t really say why, though.

Really… what do you think is replacing it… would it because most java applications are now internet based as opposed to desktop based…

Maybe I’m bias toward Java since that’s all I’ve been doing. I can certainly assure that Java will always be in demand and get paid very well.